The First…


Dear Reader, Whomever You May Be,

This is the first of what I suppose will be many blogposts you’ll read, emanating from my thoughts – some random, some laser-like in focus – for at least the next year. They will represent a very new chapter in a life of words full of personal meaning and a commitment to the most sincere and honest expression of my world view. Ever since the third grade when I first discovered the power of words, I’ve found that the very best way for me to express myself – my ideals, my emotions, my frustrations, etc., has been to write it all down and sort it out afterwards. At times, it has been for the whole world to see; at other times, the writing has been just for me to get my footing and come to a clearer understanding of how I am feeling about situations, both personal and in the world at large.


The culmination of which has been hundreds of Prose Poems, Song Lyrics, Creative Writings, Short Stories, et. al. that few have seen, but that will now be unleashed upon the world (in short bursts, naturally… I would want you all getting overwhelmed or anything) for you to peruse, coddle, quantify and mull over at your leisure. It is my hope that my musings, sometimes verging on the perverse and unusual, may help to illuminate my soul and enlighten some of you, delight others, and confound enough of you that you feel the need to start a dialogue, either with me or amongst yourselves, that will start us all on a journey of self-examination and fulfillment. If you feel moved to comment, rant, rave or otherwise let the rest of us know your personal thoughts about what you’ve read, I hope that you will choose to do so in a thoughtful and respectful manner and that we can all show a little compassion when we feel slighted or personally wounded by something that someone else has said.

Make no mistake, some of us will take a few things we say here personally. Some may even feel angry enough to blog about it. I welcome that, just as I welcome all of you. The plan is to keep it real, keep it light and share the dialogue about life, love, parenting, the Bronx, Brooklyn, kids, etc. That being said, I say:  Welcome, Welcome, Welcome…. I Hope to hear back from you Soon!



Andres Marquez