Social Etiquette In A Digital Age

I’m beginning to genuinely lament the erosion of so many of the commonly held and socially acceptable societal conventions that have begun a steep decline in our digital age. I fear that it is largely  because of the increased use of social media in nearly all our personal interactions. Saw a great sale? Post it on FB…. Beautiful Car?  Instagram it! Have an Original thought…? Tweet it, but not before you take a look-away selfie of yourself, “deep in thought”, create a meme for it and post that to Tumbler, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., ad nauseam, ad infinitum. Cycle. Rinse. Repeat.


Now, At first glance, these events wouldn’t appear to be such a great losses of decorum, especially in light of the changing social norms and mores of today’s society. The world on the whole (but especially in places where they seem to have the greatest capacity for it) is changing in ways too quick for some, and highly disturbing for many others; leaving many asking, “what can I do?” in their wake. I mean literally everyone is guilty of it in one form or another.

Obama Biden Selfie


Lest I be accused of casting stones whilst residing in a glass house, let me be clear and state with full disclosure that I am sometimes just as guilty of these transgressions as everyone else in society today. That’s not to say that I can justify every bit of the narcissistic impulses I have on a daily basis because I acknowledge they exist, but only that I embrace the issue and attempt to work at it a little bit more each day.  In my own way, I’m fighting a continuous battle to keep from doing the things that annoy me as much as I’m sure they peeve every one else around me when I do them. However,  I feel it’s high time to take a stand on some of these silly liberties that we now take for granted as canon in our broken down society. We can start small and work our way up to the big things in the (near) future, but let us at least identify those few things we can control, shall we?


By this I mean things like talking loudly on your cell phone in a room full of strangers, as if we were amongst friends and family, or…Image


being so engrossed in composing an email or text message on our phones, that we bump into strangers or almost get run over by traffic on the street, or…


feeling that rapacious need to let anyone and everyone within earshot, or even, within arms reach, that not only are you equipped with a smart phone, but are qualified to use it, as evidenced by your ability to post your latest: #Selfie/humorous Meme/every stray thought you’ve birthed into existence – to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other of the many social media sites for which you have downloaded apps to your smartphone…

Foot Selfieinstagram_icon_640x360_040912487190_640x360Unknown-1Unknown-2Unknown-3Unknown-4


Now, If you feel you MUST do any and all of the above to feel whole and secure in the digital age, then by all means, please…. have at it. There’s even a upcoming event that may suit your needs and soothe your soul, if you feel the absolute NEED to participate in it. Tickets can be purchased Here and range in price at levels from, I LIKE MYSELF @ $250, I LOVE MYSELF @ $500 bucks a pop, or the PLATINUM narcissistic level: I AM EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE @ $1000 dollars a ticket (with a surcharge of $39.95 for the purchase.) All proceeds go to charity, naturally, but hey, what better charity than that which begins at home… in the mirror… with a selfie!

Suicide Selfie

(for those of you who may find the photo above a bit offensive, I apologize in advance, but I chose it because it IS impactful, and not to make light of a serious issue)

But when you go, please ensure not to tell the rest of us how it was, who was there, how “ghetto” you felt the rest of the patrons were, or any of the other many, myriad, minutiae about the event that we couldn’t care less to hear about, since we did not indeed attend the soiree ourselves. I guess what i am ultimately saying is, maybe we should stop sharing every little detail of our feelings with the world at large and start looking a bit more inward in introspective ways that can be constructive to our continued growth and well-being. Somewhere along the road to open dialogue with our friends and peers, Some of us have lost our way in a wilderness of  Me-dom of our own devising. However, sometimes the only way out of a situation is through. For some of us, we’re going to need to go through it, before we can even think of getting out. I just hope this blog post hips some of us to the nature of that fact, before its much too late.